Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Europe on a Plate ;)

Sorry for bad mobile picture ;)

What a Meal!!!! Whenever my Dad is down to visit we always try some new recipes. Tonight we had Stuffed chicken breast with peccorino cheese, pancetta and asparagus, with a side of chorizo and white wine drizzled asparagus and roasted veggies. Yumm!!!! Dessert was Figs baked in a honey and Marsarla sabanyon....DELISH!!!!


For the amazing result this was very quick and easy!
1. Bash out chicken breasts so that you have one flat piece per person.
2. Lay out a slice of peccorino cheese and pancetta (we used HOT) on the breast fillet and lay asparagus spear on top.
3. If we had bakers twine, we would have tied it up so it was more secure. So we had to skewer it instead. Sear first before finishing in oven.

Asparagus Spears
1. Fry off some chorizzo and garlic in some olive oil in a hot frying pan.
2. Add some fresh asparagus spears (enough for a few spears per person) it won't take long.
3. Then before it is served, cook off some dry white wine to de-glaze pan and then serve on plate (ready for chicken breasts on top).

Roasted Veggies
We had three trays of roasted veggies going in the oven. Red and yellow capsicum, zuchinni and baby eggplant sliced length ways, garlic, carrots, onions, baby tomatoes and sweet potato. Drizzle with olive oil and a little salt/ pepper (we used chilli and garlic oil for extra heat). We had a little extra chorizzo that we put onto the tray too.

I will post the dessert seperatley but SOOO delicious just want to make that again. Hopefully successful panna cotta and croquembouche recipies soon :)

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