Thursday, March 4, 2010

My favourite birthday things ;)

As it is my birthday today I thought I would share some of my favourite things that I just love and some of the pressies I got. I appologise for the terrible lighting on some of these - taken from my phone ;)

My eldest son shouted me a coffee and babycinno at our dinig table - sooooo cute!!!!

I took a trip down memory lane with some DVD's of Lucille Ball's show. I used to love her as a kid and watched I Love Lucy religiously. SOOOO funny and such good clean slapstick humour - PURE GOLD!!!!

What my hubby got me - a pink Guess wallet...LOVE it!!!!

My pink birthday flowers (sensing a colour here - lol)!!!!

Latin Dancing lessons and a dinner out was planned for last night - wooohooo!!!! Postponed till next week when hubbys back is better! Can't wait for that!!!!

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