Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Freezer Meals & Making Life Organised}

You can tell spring is coming, the cleaning bug has hit (but maybe for me its an all year round thing). I cleaned out my freezer, did an inventory and created space.
I ashamedly had to remove a few 'mystery packages' too. This means unlabeled food which, knowing my label obsession, I clearly lost my mind before putting in there in the first place.

I was armed with my sharpie, big ziplock bags and foil trays with lids. Then I did a big food shop, put little munchkin to bed, left big munchkin with Lego and got into the kitchen.

I prepared a whole lot of meals that are easy to reheat and then all I have to focus on is adding fresh veggies and salads etc... To the main dish.

So what dishes did I make?

*Leek and Mushroom Risotto
When I defrost, I will add sone fresh parsley, Parmesan and pepper.

*Sweedish Meatballs
These were inspired by the ones I love at ikea. So all I have to do is add green veggies (like beans, asparagus and broccoli), gravy, cranberry sauce and mashed potato (could even freeze this, but I like fresh).

*Lasagna and 'Spag Bol'
I did a BIG batch of Italian style mince. Using foil trays with lids (woolies sell these in packets of 2) I made 2 lasagnas and put the other half of the mixture into a zip lock bag for 'Spag Bol'.

*Schnitzels / nuggets
I crumbed up 1 kg of chicken breast. I cut each Breast into half to get two thin schnitzels per breast. Any of the tenderloins I crumbed and packed separately as nuggets.

*Beef Burritos
I made up sone Mexican style mince. Add garlic, red onion, Mexican chilling powder (no additive and salt version of taco seasoning), corn, capsicums, mushrooms, coriander and a tin of diced/ pureed tomato.
Place into tortillas, fold up tortilla, wrap in double glad wrap and place all in a zip lock bag. Take one out and microwave for individual serve or use all and bake as normal 'enchilada style'.

*Teriyaki style Chicken
This was easy, I just filled a zip lock bag with soy sauce, some brown sugar, sweet chili sauce and kecap manais. Then put in chunks of chicken raw and freeze. This marinades it before cooking.
Serve with an Asian green stir fry and rice.

*Beef Curry
Similar to above, cut beef up and add into the bag with curry paste.
Add peas or preferred veggies when cooking and serve with rice and naan bread.

*Shredded BBQ chicken.
I got a free range bbq chicken and took all the meat off so I can use it in things like omelets quiches, pies, etc... Without much effort!

I realize zip lock bags aren't very 'green' but for me they work, because they store a big meal in a flat bag, making the most out of freezer space.
Just take a meal out of freezer and put it into the fridge at night it should be mostly defrosted by the next night's dinner time (depending on the dish). SO simple.

So that's my overview of my very productive day.
I am keen to try and keep this up as it is one busy day that has made the next 10 -15 meals preparation free!!! Love that!!!

Lauren x

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