Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Fathers Day Celebrations Part 1} Helping my kids celebrate their daddy!

Well, what a Fathers Day it was. We had a lovely day and it was split into three parts. My hubby was celebrated in the morning, his dad at lunch and my Dad for dinner. A full but lovely day!

Church in the morning for us is quite the drive (long story). So to make hubby's day special we did presents in bed first.

The boys and I put together a photo frame of photos for him of them spelling out 'DAD' with my chalkboard placemats.

Then on the back of it, as if he hadn't melted already, were the boys handprints with a handwritten note by our eldest (5yrs).

I also like to give my hubby a card as a thank you. I am incredibly blessed to live life and parent with soneone who sets such an example for our 'little men'. Taking a few minutes to write this down and honor him for this is a very important part of the day for me ;)

Then we started the drive to church and to make breakky not so rushed at home I prepared a breakfast for in the car. I made his tea in a travel cup, traffic light fruit salad, muffins, and my take on 'bacon and eggs to go'.

I wish I had a photo of the eggs, but they were demolished. Here's what you do:

1. Line a silicon muffin mould with two slices of sliced ham (could use turkey etc..) and crack an egg into it.
2. Sprinkle with a little cheese and salt & pepper. I did 6 of these.
3. Then I put in the fridge before bed.
4. The next morning, flick the oven on to 160' and bake for about 45 min (until the egg is set and firm). In our house this meant I cooked them while we were getting dressed and took them out as we were ready to go.
5. Use a butter knife to slide them out and put in a container on paper towels.
6. Serve normally, or in our case, eat in the car as a delicious and healthy on the go treat. Sure beat gross Maccas eggs - blah!!!!

He had a great day and managed to snap this pic quickly before kids went to their program at church - my three men. MELT!

I hope you enjoyed the ideas, and i will be back with part 2 - how I spoiled my Dad that night!

Lauren x

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