Monday, August 15, 2011

{A trip to the treasure shop}

A new op shop opened near Mr.5's prep school and I have been longing to pop in for a browse. So toddy we went to the 'treasure shop' as it's been sweetly named in our house. I spent $11 and this was the loot I got.

A wooden Teddy puzzle for Mr 2, a set of steak knives (which we have never owned believe it or not), a giant table cloth (which I figured if it didn't fit our big table, then $2 fabric was a bargain) and 10 meters of brown paper!

An old frame I am repurposing into something fun (will show when it's finished).

And.......the final purchase which was half of my $11 was this:

So funny with the padded muscles - couldn't resist and it hasn't left his side! I sure am glad it cane without a mask as that spools his little brother more than anything!

So a very successful treasure shop trip. Especially considering I restrained myself from a gorgeous old wooden chair for $40! ;)

Anyone else love trawling op-shops for pre loved things??

Lauren x

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