Saturday, May 14, 2011

{Mothers Day = Pecan Brownies + DIY Soy Candles}

Well, last weekend for mothers day we had some of my husbands side over for a family dinner and we ate very well as we often do! We had a long roasted beef and pork with tonnes of veggie sides inclding homemade apple sauce. Then dessert was individual homemade brownies with a twist of adding pecans (in hommage to my mother law who loves pecan pie) served soft inside with a raspberry reduction and cream. SO GOOD!!!

Then a few weeks ago I had some glass jars laying around and wanted to re-use them somehow as they were too pretty to throw away. So, I decided to attempt candle making and have loved my candle making morning - it was A LOT of fun.
I am not one to just post this and keep the source to myself, I love supporting local ingredients/ buisnesses
so check this out. This online store will support you in starting your own candle (or soap) making journey.
With plenty of wonderful supplies and tutorials in text and video, its a one stop shop, and so much cheaper than anything I could find in retail stores. Make sure you give it a go - its fun and a great way to make some homemade gifts for someone special or to fill your own house.
And they turned out great I thought. If you have a go, let me know how it went.

Lauren x

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