Monday, May 16, 2011

{Cooking Faux Pa and The Fluro Icing}

A previous post discussed the idea of chasing perfection. In the spirit of that post, here is a major kitchen faux pa of recent times. I had a small birthday party with my hubby recently and I was busy icing the cupcakes about an hour or two before the party. I had so much to do and it was one of the things I left to the end which i never normally do. I tried to put all the accessories in a black and red theme and I had black patty pans with personalised toppers I had made (and my brothers beautiful friend cut out for my whilst I was bathing the boys). So, I aimed to make red icing. But by the time I got past pink to the red shades, I had added a whole container of red pillar icing colour which had even splashed on my arms and dies a bit of my fringe too! The icing wasn't even red per say, it was fluro red! Using my little bro as a guinea pig I gave him half a teaspoon and thought that I could still save it if his mouth wasn't red afterwards.
However, not only did it turn his tongue red, but his teeth and lips too! I couldn't do that to my guests and turn their mouths red, but time was ticking away! So my darling brother drove to the local store and picked up a tub of Betty Crocker chocolate icing and saved the day.
No-body is perfect and even though I LOVE entertaining, it can be a mad house here up until the moment the doorbell rings and you hear the calm and welcoming "HELLO" at the front door.

You just have to laugh sometimes!

Lauren x

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