Friday, May 6, 2011

{Build-a-Cubby Kit} A great gift idea for "mini men"

I love giving my children toys and experiences that teach them but also develop their imagination. In my humble opinion, too many toys these days hand the experience to them on a 'silver platter' and don't allow them to imagine, create, change and experiment. Thats's why I love things like blocks and lego.

So when Mr. 4 was invited to a birthday party for a friend at prep I thought a bit outside the box. I remeber seeing something simailar ages ago online somewhere (that sparked the initial idea) but it was so long ago and I have no idea where I found it. When I track it down, I will definitley give credit ;)

I put together a very basic draw string bag in a blue fabric from my stash to put it all in and attached this tag:

Here are some pictures of what I used to create the kit:

Lauren x


  1. LOVE THIS! Any chance you can post some pictures made up in various ways? this is the coolest gift idea I've seen in a while - well done!

  2. I thought it was very cool too, I gave the gift away the day after I made it. But I have been requested to make a kit for here too (my 4 year old is getting good at requesting things) so, I will make one and have a play for you ;)
    SOOOO easy!!!



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