Monday, May 23, 2011

{The Lunch Box Life}

A discussion with a friend the other night had us thinking about lunch boxes. As both of us have an "L-Plates" on with this, it was nice to share ideas and as with everthing, I love learning from others.
I thought I would share the fillings that so far have been winners here. The way that the lunchbox is set out has 3 little sections in the lid and a bigger section underneath. So, I usually put 3 (small portions) of the morning tea choices in the top lid, 1 for after lunch, and a lunchtime choice with his water bottle.

Morning Tea Options so far:
- Air popped corn
- Berries (when in season)
- Carrot and celery sticks (often with a little pot of homemade hommous)
- Cheese and crackers
- Grapes
- Melons cut into pieces
- Mandarins (I peel and segment to make it easier)
- Mini homemade muffins
- Cherry tomatoes
- Yoghurt
- Fruit puree
- Sometimes homemade biscuits or slices that are somewhat healthy like these

Lunch Ideas So Far:
- Wraps (avocado spread with cheese, turkey and baby spinach)
- Sandwhiches (cheese sandwhiches have always been a plus. I don't use tomato as it goes soggy)
- Cold Pizza (wholemeal english muffin with tomato puree, slice of turkey, basil, couple of pineapple slices and a cheese slice/ grated cheese. Grill and cut into quarters)
- Healthy pasta salad in container
- Little thermos with chicken nuggets (heat it up with hot water and then dry. place warm chicken nuggets inside to keep warm. Help them practise using at home first).

When I asked what his favourite thing in his lunchbox and he said "when you write me letters mum" (awwwww). I would love to hear what you use and what are your favourites, comment below or even on facebook).

Lauren x


  1. Cheese cubes, sultanas and cherry tomatoes work a treat too! When we go out, I quite often prepare a snack/lunch box for our 3 yr old. A nice healthy alternative to outside food. She absolutely LOVES eating from the sections in her lunchbox.

  2. Agreed, all the little compartments add such a novelty and it becomes a treasure hunt! 'teeny tiny tomatoes' are great and well loved (but I usually pre-cut a slit in them so they don't explode over uniforms).
    I tend to buy (REAL) cheese slices and cut into quarters to go on crackers, but for an extra treat cut them with mini cookie cutters like duckies etc... (this goes down a treat with sandwhiches too-what kid wouldn't want a dinasaur / star sandwich!) lol ;)



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