Sunday, July 11, 2010

Web Review ::: Boys Germs

I have been quite frustrated (and I am not alone) with the gender imbalance in clothing/ accessories on the net and in stores.

There are SOOOOO many tu-tu's, clips, and t-shirts with wings etc....for girls, but why is it so hard to have something equivilant for the boys.

As a mum to 2 lovley boys (1 and 4yrs ) i know thay love to
dress up/ role play as much as the girls do.

The other problem I find is that alot of the clothes/ shows etc.... aimed at boys have a subtle (but not always) violent edge to them. I want to encourage them to be masculine, but don't think we need violence and grotesque scull and cross bones to achieve that.
So I have been on a litte quest to find 'BOY STUFF'.

I came across one website that I loved called boys germs. Dedicated to all things 'boy', you will find every thing for bed time, bath time, party time, play time and also furniture, gadgets, and clothes too.
If you have boys or boys in your world.....check out BOYS GERMS HERE!

Lauren x

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