Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tutorial : Getting crafty with headbands!

At my craft night this week, I made two headbands a black and a white one. I love them so much and will put some instructions up. I didn't take step by step photos unfortunatley.....but will try to make the steps clear.

Black Head Band


- black elastic to fit head
- hot glue gun - black lace
- black tulle netting

- black felt
- a black button

1. Measure elastic to fit your head and sew together. You could probably hot glue this if you don't sew, but I think sewing is more secure.
2. Cut a circle of your felt 9about 5 cm) and this will be a base for you to attach the lace to.
3. Place a dot of hot glue on the edge of your felt circle and affix the lace to the dot, keep glueing the lace around the edge until you get back to the starting point and do another loop until you reach the centre.

4. Cut out a few circles of similar size from the tulle netting. It doesn't matter if they arent perfect and different sizes, in fact that will make it more interesting ;)

5. Lay out your tulle circles on top of each other, make sure part of each of them touch at some point, but overlap them any way you want.
6. Turn your felt/ lace circle over (felt side up) and place some hot glue on the back of it. Lay the tulle circles on it. If you want to do another felt circle here to finish it off you could, but i was experimenting with every step and didn't do this.

7. Glue a black button onto the centre of the lace circle.

8. Glue the piece to the elastic using the seam so that you don't see it when on.

White Head Band
- White elastic
- Fake flower
- White felt

- Hot glue gun
- Pearl button
- Sewing machine

1. Measure elastic to fit head and then sew it together. Make sure to reverse stitch over itself a few times so it is secure.

2. Take the fake flower off its stem and take each petal layer apart so you have the flower in pieces. When doing this make sure you keep the petal layers in the same order they were when the flower was assembled.
3. Cut a circle from the white felt.

4. Put some hot glue on the centre of the felt circle and put the largest petal onto it. Repeat with all the petal layers so that the flower is re-assembled on the felt circle. In the centre of the flower, put a dot of glue and affix the pearl button in the centre.
5. Fianlly, glue the felt circle to the seam on the elastic.

The thing I love about this tutorial is that you can adapt it for any colour that you feel like and even sizes for the little girls in your world!

Lauren x


  1. Those are adorable, great job!

  2. Thanks so much! I love them too. I am surrounded by boys in my house, so I enjoy getting all girly and why should little girls have all the fun with headbands right?!?! ;)

  3. what a cute headband! I'd love it if you'd join my tuesday link party (tomorrow!)!

  4. Thanks for your comments and I would love to! Do I have to submit something?



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