Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{Welcome 2013}

We are here again. Early in a new year. The time when many of us make goals and resolutions. Most are totally un-attainable and aim for us to reach some level of 'perfection' that we hope exists. Mainly because we see what we think we want in others around us. I see potential problems with this. In life we often compare our 'backstage experience' with the 'highlight reel' of others.

Whilst most resolutions seem tame, and are to a certain extent, I believe there is a dangerous risk with this.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be your best you. If a few LESS Kg's could make you healthier....then you should get moving. If loosing the cigarettes will save your life...quit - for real.

BUT, I don't make resolutions. Why?
Many people set out to achieve something that many don't ever see through. The danger with this is that you miss out on the blessings you have right now.

In this 'Instant Internet' and 'Pinterest perfection' society...the challenge for us is to simply be content. Be aware. Be grateful.

Sure, make goals, eat healthy,
save money, look ahead in a healthy manner.
But don't miss what's in front of you. Don't sacrifice the moments you already have, for the sake that something better MIGHT be out there.
You may just find out one day, that the better you wanted was, in actual fact, what you already had!

Lauren x

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