Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Motherhood, Tibetan Monks and Toddler Nose Picking}

I read an article recently about the varying differences between the time when our grandparents raised our parents and now {read it here}.
It got me thinking about the pressure on parents these days. This week, parents everywhere are labeling uniforms, battling contact when covering books, packing lunch boxes that are full of no nut, healthy, organic, treats grown by Tibetan Monks all whilst shining shoes and on the phone booking them into swimming, netball, soccer, clarinet lessons and extra German classes.
Slight exaggeration.
You get my point.

So many of us are trying to do the right thing by our kids, but is anyone happy? What ever happened to letting kids be kids? Preschools are even expected to report academic assessments these days. Quite frankly if my 3 year old didn't pick his nose too much, ate something resembling the bottom half of the food pyramid, laughed and played with his cars in the dirt (yes, dirt, it still exists!) I am very happy!
If we happen to draw something resembling a person or count to 20 it's an added bonus in my eyes.
So much of our society is yearning to return back to the days of a simple life. Vintage is all the rage and retro is huge! I love my gadgets and some of the conveniences of modern world, don't get me wrong. I wonder, however, if part of this shift is because of the values that we held onto back then. Are we all just wanting to take the pressure off?
Do you feel the pressure of getting it all right with your kids? Where does the pressure come from? Do you feel like the expectations of motherhood have changed?
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Here are some funny thoughts on motherhood that made me laugh :)

Lauren x

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