Monday, January 7, 2013

{Snack Bar & Water Bar}

Don't know about you, but right as December approaches, the fridge starts to turn into the 'party fridge' zone. Christmas time in our house usually involves an adult version of 'fridge Tetris' whereby attempting to fit the ham, trifle, salads, left overs and a bunch of drinks inside.

But, the tree is down. No sign of Christmas is in sight. A new year is starting and my fridge is now cleared of all the junk.

It is time to welcome back the snack bar:

I started this last year and it had brilliant results for each member of our family. Considering we have two fridges, our snack bar is quite large. But use what space you have, make it easily accessible to the kids also. I'd much prefer them grazing on this on holidays and after school, than packaged sugar, fat and salt.

Sweet ideas:
- Fresh fruit cut up (melons, grapes, berries, kiwi fruit)
- Plain yoghurt with Apple sauce
- Sugar free truffles (recipe coming soon) 

Savory ideas:
- Veggie sticks (cucumber, carrot, celery, capsicum)
- Cherry tomatoes
- Homemade Hommus
- Cheese cubes

Water Bar:
Under all the nuts and dried fruit, I filled the right hand fridge with bottles of water.

So today, right after I re-claimed the fridge, I found my boys sitting with each other with cut up rock melon, cucumber sticks and a bottle of water each. With one son addicted to chocolate and the other fast becoming lemonade obsessed, it was nice to get back to normal!

Lauren x

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