Thursday, January 10, 2013

{The Fairy is Coming Soon}

Our house is counting down time until the tooth fairy comes - FINALLY! Mr 6 (and a half...the half IS important) has only ever lost one tooth, but that was after a playground accident and it being extracted by the dentist. The adult tooth in that spot we are still waiting to one through.
On his bottom jaw however, the two centre adult teeth have started to one up behind the baby teeth. It's been a waiting game till a bunch of these bottom front front teeth start moving.
Well, there is movement at the station friends! He wasn't so thrilled though. Tonight at bath time I realized he thought he had go to to the dentist to have it pulled out. When I reminded him about the tooth fairy, his face brightened substantially. Phew!
Now, I am scouting pinterest & google to find the right way to celebrate This impending tooth/ money switch. Here is some inspiration I found:

Think it's time to dust off the sewing machine and create something cute.
Q: How do you celebrate the tooth fairy in your house? Do you use a cushion, glass of water or tin? Any extra special touches like glitter or a receipt? What's the going rate these days, what does your tooth fairy pay?

Lauren X

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