Monday, November 26, 2012

{Creating a Simpler Christmas}


Back in 2010, I read something that changed my attitude on Christmas for my family. Pretty much from mid year toy sales onwards, my letter box is invaded with toy catalogues galore! All shouting at you messages of your kid wants THIS. Your kid "NEEDS" this. THIS will make your kid happy. Looking back on my childhood, I remember a few of gifts, but most of the gifts I remember had a sentimental attachment to them. I couldn't tell you majority of them now. For me, I mostly remember putting up decorations on the tree as a family with carols in the background, making the pudding with cousins with Grandma and Grandpa. I remember TIME spent together, laughing, sharing and giving. 

So, hubby and I made a decision to scale back on the ridiculous amount of gifts that can be given. Let's face it, when you add up this plus presents from Grandparents and Aunties/ Uncles, our kids DON'T go without! Don't you find that it's almost as if Christmas has a free seasonal ticket straight to Over Indulgence City? Between the food, gifts, and alcohol for some I guess, when is enough exactly that. Enough?!

So, each year we now scale right back. We now give them 7 gifts each. They aren't always expensive, in fact I think the more we steer away from the cheap "made in china" , "trashed by New Years" kinda gifts the better. 
Here is how we do it on Christmas morning. Each of my boys receives something from each of these categories. The seventh one listed (give) is something they give to someone else i.e. a goat for a 3rd world family, a gift for their sponsor child etc... 

We are also starting a few new traditions which I will be sharing soon. Watch this space ;)

Do you find that the silly season gets exactly that....silly? 

Q: How do you fight Over indulgence in your house?

Lauren x

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  1. Fantastic idea Lauren! I saw something on a similar blog about giving kids three gifts for Christmas - something they want, need and something to read, but I like the additions on your list as well. It is easy to go overboard with Christmas but I think scaling back is a good approach.. Nobody needs extra junk in their homes and this teaches kids a good lesson for future buying habits!



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