Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Soup Day Monday : French Onion}

Well, this has been the third "soup day Monday" and I have to say I am loving the challenge to think of cheap, healthy ideas. There are tonnes of ideas that I am sure could take me right through to Spring. 

This week I was inspired my Karen Martini om Better Homes and Gardens last friday night. 
The ingredients are so simple. And it was delicious. 

6 onions (3 brown / 3 red)
4 sticks of celery
Fresh Thyme 
2L chicken stock
Salt and Pepper
Grilled Gruyere cheese and baguettes to serve.

The recipe can be found in video format [click here]. 

If the weather is cooling down where you are, how do you stay warm?

A winter tip for kids : When going to swimming lessons in the winter, wrap their towel in a hot water bottle. It will keep their clothes and towel 'toasty warm' for when they get out!

Lauren x

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