Thursday, May 3, 2012

{Beautifully Sentimental}

Today I visited my grandmother in hospital. She is in rehab after a major procedure. So without kids, I popped in to see her before her physio appointment. I love talking to her, she is so beautiful.

On the way back, I drove past a gorgeous antique store. Annnnnnd no kids today (so I wasn't afraid of everything being left broken or touched lol!).

So I pulled off and walked in for a little window shopping.
I was transported back in time and it was pure and lovely. The music whisked you away and the beautiful antiques just seemed to kind of 'sing along'.

There were many things that took my fancy, but this wasn't a purchasing trip do I had to restrain myself. The only things I missed were some old cookbooks (a favourite of mine) and more cooking/ crafty items. Maybe I will commit a day and go to some more of these beautiful stores.

Here are some of my beautiful finds :

A basket full of linens, doilys etc and a beautiful tall record player (I will have one of these one day).

Many nic nacks from builders tools to old coffee tins, chocolate boxes and ceramics. The first picture (top left) took my breath away also - a full dinner set with bone handles!

Old (and boxed) matchbox cars, pipes, glassware, silverware, fans and a "wireless" to top it off.

Just divine right?! I love heirlooms with history, like my grandmas singer sewing machine. But there is also something gloriously mysterious about not knowing who used it, but imagining the stories they could tell if they could talk. [Don't worry - you don't have to book me a white room, I don't hear ceramics talking to me hahaha!]

My 'one day' country manor will be filled with beautiful pieces like this and they will sit alongside much more modern pieces which I also enjoy. No harm in dreaming right? After all dreams are free ;)

Do you own any heirlooms that were passed down to you or perhaps things that you would want to leave for future generations?
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Lauren x

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