Sunday, May 27, 2012

{Devonshire Tea : A BIG success}

Well, I have been a bit busy around here lately so my posts have been quite few and far between. If I survive May and am still sane, I deserve a medal. It's been one of those crazy few weeks but its all 'fun' busy though. 
Last weekend my son's school was holding their school fair and a few Kindy Mum's offered to take over the devonshire tea stall. This was a mammoth task as we had to prep the scone dough (all 32 batches) and put them ALL in the fridge in zip lock bags on the Thursday before the fair. 
 Glad I have a double fridge so that dinner also fit in with the MANY bags :)

We even baked a gluten free batch using the same recipe for the
first time at the fair and it was actually easier than I thought. 
 The next day (Friday) we carried all the dough to the kitchen and with an army of Mums dressed in aprons and hair nets we took over the high school food tech lab. This happened to be my high school food tech lab so it was a time warp BIG TIME!!!
Then we proceeded to line up trays and start the baking part of our "scone-a-thon".  I stopped counting at 300 scones, but we had about 8 ovens going and 3 hours later they were baked and ready for the next morning.

Night before was the final touches on tissue paper pom-poms and packing everything ready for the 6:30 am set-up time. 
We were so happy with how it went, it looked divine and got a lot of positive feedback! 

 The recipe was a BIG hit and now I can quote this off the top of my head after making hundreds of these - hahaha. (thanks team

3 1/2 cups of flour
1 1/2 cups of buttermilk (if you don't have this, mix 1 TBL lemon juice into the milk and it will create buttermilk). THis is how we did it as we were keeping costs low and it was cheaper than buying 12L of buttermilk.
2 TBL caster sugar 
60 g butter
** little extra flour for dusting the board with

Serve fresh with a cuppa and some jam and cream or if serving next day as we did, zap in microwave for 20 seconds or so and VIOLA!!!! 

Although I had baked these many times before, I had many mums who hadn't helping, and they said it was surprising how easy they were.

Are you a scone fan?
Lauren x

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