Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{My NEW & Special Creative Space}

We have been moving rooms around lately and this means I have been working on my creative space. It is a very special space for a few reasons. Of course its nice because its my space and I get to craft and spend time here.

To add a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL, I have some memorabilia from both of my Grandmothers and both of my husbands Grandmothers in the room. These are four AMAZING God fearing women who have set up the legacy that Glenn and I walk in today. Two of them (Grandma BB and Oma) are partying in Heaven, and Nan-Nan and Grandma Mt.K are still with us.

I also incorporated the cot and change table that has seen me through the last 6 years with my boys in here too.

There are a few things I would like to add here still. For example, I am working on displaying some photos of my 'babies' and a photo of each grandmother in the room too. This will take a bit more time to finish though.

Here are some of the treasures I have collected so far!

Oma's (father in laws mum) sewing machine which I use a lot for everyday sewing. Most of the cottons to the left are hers also.

I placed Oma's old tape measure, wooden cotton reels and her dainty embroidery scissors in a vase to display.

My Grandmothers (Mum's Mum) vintage Singer machine which is still in working order and came complete with the solid wooden case and lid. Both Grandma and Grandpa sewed on this machine. I have displayed this on my Boori change table in the corner which I have also used to 'stash' my baskets of fabric supplies.

The cot that slept my babies is now turned into a love seat thanks to some beautiful cushions.

This is Nan-Nan's (mother in laws Mum) sewing box. So beautiful!

Here is a look at the room as a whole. Right at the front of the shot, you can see a wooden 'glory box'. This was my grandmothers (Dad's mum) and it is very special also.

So, even though it's not 100% finished, I hope you like the look of this as I truly put my heart and soul in here. I would love to know if anyone else has trinkets or treasures that have been handed down in your families??? Post here or on FB or Twitter.

Lauren x

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