Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{Being Intentional and Fighting 'Distractions' this Christmas}

I was challenged by something our pastor said at church last Sunday (not a rare occurrence) about not just preparing our credit cards but also our hearts this Christmas.
So, today I did something that's been on my list for the last little while.
Whilst at spotlight (I can tell your shocked I was there too lol!) I found a black board for $15. It was light so i knew it would hang on the wall easily with the 3M Velcro tabs I already had.

I have decided to put up a verse for the Christmas month and use it as a reference point with Mr 5 who loves to read and learn.
I also intend to keep it there and write more verses/ sayings all year round.

(p.s. excuse my terrible 'haven't practiced teacher writing since uni' handwriting lol)!

I love Christmas SO much and it's very easy to get carried away with the decorations and festivities.
Due to its location in the house, it's something we will walk past frequently and it is a nice practical way we are trying to put the focus back on the REAL reason for the season!

Lauren x

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