Sunday, December 4, 2011

{Teacher Appreciation Gifts}

There is not much time left of Joshua's Prep year and before I know it he will be starting Kindy next Feb. He has been blessed with a fantastic teacher on his class and I wanted to find something special to bless her as a thank you. These ideas could easily be adapted for other people in your world too! Here are some ideas I have found.....I had better make up my mind before his last day on Thursday.
Biscuit Tin : Recycle a Pringles can by wiping it out, decorating and filling with homemade biscuits.

'Cowgirl cookies' with pink m&m's. I would change to red and green lollies instead for Christmas.
Initial Art : I have seen these done with crayons too! SO cute

It doesn't matter whether your kids 'teachers' are from school, church, sport or whatever. These people play a special role in your kids development and I believe gratitude is a great key to life. It isn't about being fancy or spending a lot of $$$. Rather showing them that they matter enough to say thanks!
How do you thank these kind of people in your world??
Comment here, on the FB page or twitter and let me know :)

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