Friday, February 11, 2011

{Giving Fabric Scraps a Second Life}

A couple of nights ago, I waa in a crafty mood (as I often am). This time however, I didn't feel like retreating to my desk and sewing machine or other crafty goods. I felt like sitting on the couch next to my man and doing something like hand stitching. I bought my sewing box down and some fabric scraps and before I knew it i had created a red felt backed fabric flower. I ended up making several and I turned teh first one into a ring which I LOVE. YOU can buy jewellery findings at your local craft store or from online craft supplies stores such as Craftumi.

Then, because I wanted one to wear out (but red wasn't the right colour) I made myself a black one too. This one is a little more dressy because its got more fabric on it and has a layer of black tulle (which I had left over from a headband I made last year) on the bottom which adds a really cool emement which I love.

What a cool way to use up some fabric scraps and add a awesome accessory to yoru wardrobe (what girl doesn't love some cool handmade accessories).

1. Your cutting doesn't have to be exact, the look is quite rustic and it doesn't need to be perfect. It actually looks better with a few little imperfections.
2. Choose a good glue. I used a combination of hot glue and "gem glue".
3. Once flower is glued to the ring base, cut a seperate felt circle that has a slit in the middle. Pop it over the under-side of the ring sliding the slit over the ring and glue it on. It makes it look more finished and hides any imperfections and threaded knots on the bottom.

Lauren x

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