Sunday, February 20, 2011

{School Mum In Training} Lessons Learned So Far

Well, this year our family eased into 'school life' with Joshua (4.5 years) has started prep school two days a week. It is a wonderful way to get used to the world of big school for mother and child alike.

1. Always have a sharpie and a labeller handy!
2. Make lunchboxes fun as well as healthy. I have made very good friends with my cookie cutters and often cut sandwhiches and cheese slices into different shapes. He loves finding the surprises at lunch time.
3. For the first few weeks, talk through the lunch box with them and make sure they know what youve given them for morning tea and lunch. It helps them keep their day somewhat predictable and have something to look forward to.
4. There is A LOT of paper work that comes home each week. So I have made a folder that sits in my kitchen with sections for newsletters, general school info, awards, notes, term dates and office phone numbers etc.... This has been wonderful and makes it easy to know what's happening and organise what comes home.
5. Keep morning routine simple and predictable. Our morning goes breakfast, uniform, make bed and brush teeth.

But on thing has made these (potentially crazy) mornings very easy.For his first morning at prep I made a yoghurt parfait the night before and it was a hit on more than one level.

Firstly I layered a clear glass with:
2 spoonfuls of yoghurt
2 spoonfuls of strawberry fruit puree
2 spoonfuls of berries fresh or frozen
2 spoonfuls of yoghurt

Then out it into the fridge that night. At breakfast time take out of fridge and top with a sprinkling of meuseli or crushed cereal for a crunchy texture. This is a great way to use up the 'dregs' in the bottom of the cereal packets too! You can also chop some banana or other fruit on top. That's the beauty of this thing, personalise it to tastes and what you have on hand.

Cheap, easy, quick and healthy!!!

Lauren x

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