Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring Lovliness :)

I found a new blog - there are SOOO many wonderful ideas out there in cyberspace. Here is "Celebrate Yellow Made" (found via my fav Jack and Izzy)and there are some really cool tutorials I have added to my to-do list, these would make wonderful craft night activities (speaking of which I need to organise the next one - hmmm.....slightly sidetracked lol).

I haven't blogged about crafty projects for a little while (but have been doing plenty of projects behind the scenes). So, since we are launching into spring, lets celebrate with spring flower craftiness. SO GORGEOUS!

Check out these:

No sew flowers

Paper flower decorations

Aren't they darling! For full totorials and more photos of the projects - click on the links :)

Lauren x

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