Monday, September 20, 2010

A gift so tasty - I wanted to keep it!

Well, what to make my mother-in-law who has a real sweet tooth??? TRUFFLES!
I used this recipe from taste (predictable I know). Only problem was that the instructions were good if your Air Con is set to a European Winter. However, for this Aussie chick that has no air con and attempted rolling truffles on a rather hot spring day - learned a few lessons :)

Instead of leaving mix at room temp for 1-1.5 hrs, I left it overnight in the fridge. Even then it was still a little soft. So I scooped out 'balls' onto a plate and then refridgerated for another 30-45 mins untill wuite firm. This allowed me to handle much easier when rolling. Some I rolled in coconut and cocoa and the others I dipped in melted white and milk chocolate (I would have done dark for me though - yum!).

Then once they were rolled I replaced them into the fridge again for a while to firm up before boxing into mini patty pans or squares of tissue paper/ waxed paper.

This makes a delicious gift - IF there is any left aty the end ;)

Lauren x

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