Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bed Time Round-Up

Any Mum with little kids running around the house knows about that certain time of the evening. For me it is about 6:30 when the baby is in bed, dinner is made, my 4 year old is ready for teeth/toilet/story bedtime routine.
You are met with landmines of socks, lego, dummies, matchbox cars, crayons and dolls shoes sprawled across the place.
There is NO evidence of the vacumming, tidying and cleaning you did earlier throughout the day. Mum is EXHAUSTED and ready to 'clock off' (not that that ever happens -lol)!
Well I have invented a game in our house that has taken some of the pressure off this crazy time of night. 'Bed Time Round-Up' is when I put 1-2 minutes on the clock (depending on the amount of landmines) and we then race the clock with a toy shopping trolley, rounding up all of our own belongings and putting them into the trolley.
This limits the 'extra' picking up I have to do at the end of the night and also helps foster the mentality in the kids that they pick up their own belongings.
I almost forgot to do the round up tonight, but it was requested - can you believe that!?!?!?

I would love to hear from you if you impliment this or have something similar :)

Lauren x

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