Monday, September 6, 2010

Fathers Day Gift ::: Homemade Bourbon and Chilli HOT Sauce

I racked my brain thinking of gifts for My Dad and My Father in Law. Men are HARD to buy for, so I thought I would get crafty and get into the kitchen. I made a Chilli and Bourbon Hot Sauce. I looked online for recipes but even though I found one I liked, I ended up changing it so far from the origional. 2 GREAT jars i got from the reject shop for $5 each (they had this little metal spoon magnet-ed to it!

RECIPE (this is for 2 large jars worth too):
- 26 long red chillis (I said HOT sauce right)
- 4 apples
- 4 onions
- 4 cups of sugar (as per the recipe but I think it was too much, maybe halve it?)

- 4 cups of white vinegar
- a generous amount of salt about 6tsp
- 2 tins of tinned tomatoes - 2 generous tomato paste
- 1 tsp of ground ginger
- I added wild Turkey Bourbon and didn't really measure it. Could have been close to 1/2 cup, but feel free to add or subtract according to taste.

1. Dice up the chilli's, apples, onions, and add into a large stock pot with the other ingredients.

2. Bring to boil for about half an hour and then simmer on low heat untill reduced sufficiently.

3. When your happy with the flavour, blend up, and cool slightly.
4. Placed into cleaned jars and refridgerate.

In the card I made, I included a printed off card stating the name of the sauce, ingredients and serving suggestions.
It was VERY popular!!!

Lauren x

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