Saturday, January 30, 2010

Give it a try......

I was shopping at a local fruit shop recently and saw a fruit i had never heard of before. I quite often like picking up something new and always let my 3yr old choose a fruit too (keeps him involved and busy - lol).
So i took home a dapple dandy and was licking my lips to try the first bite! AND WOW! it was kind of like a plum cross a nectarine or something. Then i did some research and found that you will often find them listed as a "pluot".

"Pluot is also known as a 'Dinasour egg' which is a trademarked name for the Dapple Dandy variety. Pluots are a hybrid between plums and apricots with the majority being plum (often a ratio of 75%/25%)"

So, next time you go out to the fruit shop, pick yourself up a dapple dandy and give it a go. I am keen to try to cook with thgis fruit and think it would be amazing stewed and make a delicious jam. So i will give that a go and post it at a later time!


  1. Nom nom nom!Sounds delish Lauren! If you like trying different fruit and Vege, keep your eyes peeled for "Reed" Avocados. (some times spelt "Reid") They are amazing! They are quite large and round in shape, have a slip stone and don't discolour quickly like the "Hass" variety. Just beautiful! Although according to my greengrocer, their season is quite short and has just ended, but you may still be able to find them in Sydney. Apparently the best time for them is in January. :-) Luv Allysia xo

  2. I only just found this comment allysia - lol ;) Sounds great.....will look next year when in season yummmm!



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