Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deceptivley Delicious

You have heard me talk about the fact that I LOVE a good cookbook before. This is one with a difference. Luckliy I am blessed with a 3 year old that pretty much likes anything I serve for dinner and loves his fruit and vegetables ("because they make me strong mummy"). However i can sympathise with many friends who have found it hard to feed their kids anything other than what seems like tomato sauce and a vegemite sandwhich!

So, when i found this I knew it would strike a chord with other Mums. Jessica Seinfeild (wife of Jerry) stumbled across a new way to feed her kids. She was making mac and cheese for them and pureeing some veggies for her baby at the same time and had a potentially mischievous idea that might actually work. How much puree can i add without them noticing the taste she asked herself? She served her kids this Mac and cheese with a 'poker face' on the outside and a knowing grin on the inside that you get when you know you have just discovered something so brilliant - feeding her kids veggies without them knowing!!! Getting excited, this sparked something in her and she wondered could i do this with other recipes??? Deceptivley Delicious was born. I bought this cookbook ages ago and have loved using it. The chickpea choc-chip cookies are SO yummjy as is the brocoli chicken nuggets. She purees veggies up and splits them into labelled zip lock bags and freezes them till needed. She still advocates serving the wholevegetable with the meal until they get used to it. In the mean time - they will be getting extra servings of "healthy-ness" and won't even know it. Makes you smile on the inside a little doesn't it!!! ENJOY!

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