Wednesday, October 8, 2014

{Baked Camenbert}

I wanted to m,ake a snack for small group last night that was yummy but since I am thick in the midst of (attempting to) sleep training my baby, I didn't feel like hitting the shops looking like the "wreck of the hesperus" as my grandma says. So, I decided to set myself another 'shop the pantry' challenge. The result was wickedly delicious and I am adding this to my entertaining menu for sure! 
I searched through the pantry and the fridge and saw a small wheel of Camenbert on the cheese shelf that I didn't end up serving with dips a few days earlier. Perfect. That was my hero. I had hummus and carrot sticks, but that seemed in the words of Masterchef, pedestrian. I am not actually that fancy, I just like experimenting with flavours. I wanted something easy but different. I wondered about baking it as I had seen it done before and up comes this photo on my phone from Jamie Oliver. 
baked Camembert 
That looked to die for. So I skimmed the ingredients and knew I had it on hand. Excellent! Even if you are not a baker or enjoy cooking that much, this is SO easy and the result is definitely one that creates a WOW factor. Its the kind of dish I could imagine having on a Friday night instead of dinner. A Spring or Autumn night out on the deck with a good glass of red. Chatting to my hubby and enjoying each others company. 
1. You simply score the cheese and place thinly sliced garlic, Rosemary leaves and a touch of Olive Oil.
2. Tear up chunks of day old bread and thread onto Rosemary stalks. Spray with oil and sprinkle with a little salt. Place in oven with cheese.
3. Whilst in the oven chop up some dried cranberries and nuts. I used pinenuts and walnuts which is what I had. I could imagine most working though. 
4. Once bread is golden and cheese is gooey, plate up. 
5. Dip bread in cheese and then sprinkle nut mixture on top and enjoy! SOOOO GOOOD!!!!  

My Interpretation of Jamie's dish:

 Displaying IMG_1772.JPG 

Give it a go, if you can chop, rip and put stuff on a got this!
Lauren x

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