Thursday, August 14, 2014

{Robin Williams : The Loss of a Ledgend}

This week humanity lost a legend.  One of the greats. 
We will all remember where we were in that moment of disbelief. 
I was sitting in the car on my driveway. Listening to the radio, unwilling to wake my sleeping daughter by bringing her inside. 
The announcers voice trembled slightly as he said those words.
ROBIN WILLIAMS HAS PASSED AWAY.  You could have knocked me over with a feather. The man whose voice and face marked childhood memories for me and now my children. 
His brilliance. 
               His humour.  
                           My heart ached.

It was a tragic irony that his life was cut short as a result of suicide. Someone who bought happiness to so many. I never met him, but my heart aches for the pain he must have felt.

It made me think though.  About the silent battles we go through in life. I'm talking more serious than I've just had a bad day.I mean the pit in your stomach that hangs around you. The silent pain that slowly engulfs you. It hangs around and almost becomes like an accessory you wear. But nobody else knows. The kind of agony that feels like your heart and soul shed tears of anguish.

Maybe your heart longs for a baby and you silently ride the monthly rollercoaster.  Staring at that retched stick waiting for the two little lines that will change your world. 

Maybe you feel the pressure of making big life decisions to do with your career and you feel everyone else has it together.  You look at everyone else who knows what they are meant to do with their life with admirable envy.

Maybe you dread opening the mail or answering phone calls in case it's another person wanting payment on a bill that you just can't afford. It's not even extravagant. It's just electricity. You wonder how everyone else makes ends meet whilst you plan your budget with military prosition. 

Maybe your the last one in your group of friends to get married and you are still single.  Maybe you feel that you have missed your chance. What would you do if someone talked to your best friend in the same way that you talk to yourself in your mind? 

Through life's ups and downs I've learned one thing about pain.  The devils greatest trick is to let your thoughts spiral out of control and make you believe that no-one else has a problem this bad. That you are alone. He wants to make you feel un-fixable. Unreachable.  Unlovable. 

From experience, when you get in that place, firstly tell the Devil to rack off!
Get alongside someone with a strong faith to help you hold up your arms and fight with you. Share the burden because we were made for deep community.
Pray a John 10:10 prayer reminding the devil that Gods job description is mightier than his. 

Then,  walk loudly in your victory giving glory to Him. Share your story because it gives hope to those who are knee deep in battle right now.  It breaks the cycle of the devils lonely lies and allows us to lean on each other.  Like we were created to do! 

Wherever you are in this journey,  I am praying for you. That if you read this and have a silent heartache, know you are not alone.
You are enough,  just as you are right now.
Because HE made you.
HE loves you.
And HE is victorious. 

Much love and big hugs;
Lauren x

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