Thursday, October 23, 2014

{Call The Fashion Police and Lock Me Up}

Many things fascinate me about wardrobes. The way people organise them or the way they don't. If you go into my wardrobe you would find it orgnaised by category and also colour. My mind works better when things are labelled and in categories. It's just something that makes me, me. Some people laugh but then I can find anything in my wardrobe I need in 2 seconds flat and I think that's just pure efficient if you ask me. 

People also hold onto some items of clothes like they are a time capsule. That section of your wardrobe that you used to fit and one day hope to again. It's like some sort of deal you have with yourself as insentive. Somehow if you throw them out or donate them, it's like your admitting that goal is over - for now! And the thought of that is devistating. So we hold on to them.

Then we have the category of clothes that are sentimental and can't bear to throw away. Because of the memories. I have allowed myself to have a few of these. Like the matching jumpers that hubby and I bought after we climbed the Harbor Bridge the day he proposed. The overpriced bath robes we bought on our honeymoon. The wedding dress that is boxed up beautifully. It's as if the dress that hasn't seen the light of day in 11 years, silently reminds me of a time before my body changed forever after growing three tiny humans. 

But then I believe everyone has an item of clothing (some may have more than one) that the fashion police would lock you up and throw away the key for owning. Maybe you are like me and you hold on to it because it's comfy. If you saw it on a clothing rack in store now you would scoff at it's attempt to be fashionable. Maybe it is an old T-shirt that has holes and you can't bear to throw it away. Maybe it's an old pair of yoga pants or trackies. 
Well, I'm coming out of the closet and bravely showing you my fashion crime that I wouldn't ever wear out but can't part with either. My favourite daggy sloppy Joe.
Way back when it was my boyfriends (now my husband) and I loved it and kinda 'borrowed' it. I don't even think he wore it but I loved it. Despite the stain on one sleeve, it doesn't judge me. It never makes me feel fat or bloated. It feels like a big warm hug when I wear it. It's an Ole Faithful and I don't think I'd ever part with it. 
Okay...your turn. Fess up if you dare!

Lauren x

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