Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Am I getting closer to my answer? Maybe?}

Some of you have read here before about my long battle with health. I know people suffer through much worse. I am NOT trivializing that at all!
BUT 17 years of doctors, specialists, therapies, tests and the occasional hospital visit for good measure - all ending with dead ends gets to a person.

My problem is with extreme bloating / stomach cramps and has gotten worse over the time. I have recently now put my maternity jeans and yoga pants on full wardrobe rotation. And when your youngest kid is 3.5 yrs old it just sucks!

I saw a naturopath, and after a blood test turned out that I am positive for candidiasis. We all have yeast in our gut, but this condition is an overgrowth of this.

I am now testing a strict diet that aims to 'starve the beast' as its known.
The tough part isn't giving up the processed food and refined sugars. That comes fairly naturally (pun not intended lol). It's the fruits and 'sweet vegetables' like pumpkin, sweet potato, potato and carrots that are proving hard to give up.

Its nice to have some 'maybe' good news to share. I dont know if this is the answer, however, in the meantime I am making herbal tea, lemon water, lean meat and veggies my friends.

However, if you pop in for a cuppa, don't worry, I won't serve you a broccoli ;)

Lauren x

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  1. So sorry to hear about your long battle with this health issue. I have to admit I have been dealing with some very odd digestive problems that have been occurring for the last 6-7+ months and doctors also haven't been of much use. Who knew that the human digestive system was SO complicated??

    I've completely cut out dairy and gluten from my diet as well which has led to me being a lot more creative in making dairy/gluten free recipes as of late.. Hope that you get some answers that will finally help you out with the naturopath as I imagine this must be incredibly frustrating for you!



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