Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Summer's A Comin'}

Over the last few months I have been feeling quite tired. I had no exact reason to, either. I wasn't sick.I wasn't pregnant (although I did check). I wasn't sleeping horrendously. I was just not making it through to the end of the day without the 3pm feeling of needing a nanna nap. Which doesn't fit into the school pick-up schedule at all. 
I normally eat my main meals very healthy. But I am not regularly exercising. 
Then it clicked!
The lack of exercise paired with the impending winter time was not a good thing for me. See as someone who loves to cook winter can be dangerous. The weather screams of puddings, crumbles, stews with mash and lots of comfort food. The only main problem with that is, that my by the time summer rolls around, I for one regret all of the puddings BIG time!

Fast forward to now. End of June (hello 2012 where did you go?). There is about 2-3 months before the weather will be sunny and I will want to be digging the swimmers out of the cupboard. Hmmmmm....

The Motivation:
Of course I love feeling fit, toned and healthy. There is nothing like it! But on top of that incentive. I want to buy a new dress from Esther Boutique who I have fallen in love with BIG TIME!  I love the style and this is one of the dresses that caught my eye:

                                                      short of time lace cocktail- black 

The Tools:
1. I have been searching for a food tracking ap for ages, but always find that they cater for American food not Australian. Until I found by recommendation from a friend "My Fitness Pal". This is available in an Ap for your phone and it also syncs to their {website}. I love the fact that you can add recipes to the database of home-cooked meals. Or if you are eating something packaged, just scan the bar-code on the packet and it brings it right up. AWESOME!  It logs your food intake and your exercise for the day, as per your own goal you have set.

2. Fitness. I don't have a fancy gym membership. I am just trying to make myself more active by using what I have. So I try to do a circuit that I make up at home. I pump the music on my i-pod 'workout playlist' real loud and go for it. I usually do something like this: 

That, and I also try to go for a walk or a run when I can (on a pre-school day) or at the park with the kiddies.

So, hopefully by the time the heat of the year sets in I will have a post about how fabulous Esther Boutiques clothes are in person as well as on the web. I can't wait to show you all!
Lauren x

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