Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Stuff the Baskets : Organising Your Life}

If you live in a 2 story house like I do you may have this problem. During a day of housework, I find things that belong in the respective studies / bedrooms upstairs, but doing 100 trips back and forth doesn't seem efficient. So I usually dedicate a step per person and pile things up. Then things usually trickle back upstairs but it is just plain messy!

So I've been on the hunt for a solution and found these baskets at Kmart for $10. The idea is at the end of the day when we are cleaning up, the bits place all their things downstairs in their basket and then take it with them to put away before bed.

These just look gorgeous and are a pretty solution to a messy problem. Plus, of there is something in your basket, it's easy to tell its yours, regardless of your a young child or a grown man I mean person lol!

Lauren x

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