Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Bib and Nappy Mat/ Storage Wallet}

My beautiful cousin (in-law) is expecting a beautiful baby girl in a few weeks. I am very excited for her and now that I have given the gift to her in person, I can share it on here.

I had some beautiful girls fabric I bought previously and I wanted to use it for this project.

So I made a bib and a nappy change mat with storage compartments for her. Nothing like practical and pretty! I love this idea so much and would make one for me if I wasn't about to head out of nappies (YAY!!!)

The teddy is the closest thing I have to a doll in a boy house to show you how the mat works and how the bib sits.

This 'crinkley' heart is stuffed with a cellophane type material and built in so that the baby has something to play with whilst Mummy is trying to wrangle a new nappy onto a little bubba.

I took these photos before I attached the tie on the end and so that is missing on here.

Both projects were manageable even for a beginner.

1. Trace a bib pattern from one or there are a few online you can find if you don't have one on hand.
2. Pin right sides together.
3. Make sure you place the string/ ribbon to tie it up inside the bib, leaving a little out to anchor it and the length inside. You can also use velcro after you've turned it instead.
4. Sew around the edge leaving a little gap (back stitched) to turn inside.
5. Turn out the right way and top stitch around the edge making sure you enclose the gap you left to turn it out.

Nappy Mat
1. Measure out your two rectangles
2. Sew face side of fabric together with a gap on the side (back stitched) to turn right side out.
3. Iron flat
4. Measure size of pocket and fold and pin in place. Top stitch around edge using a decorative stitch (don't forget to put the ribbon and toy in the pocket fold if doing so).
5. Sew a divider in the center of the pocket for nappy and wipes case.
6. Sew a ribbon, some velcro or something to fasten and hold together.

Lauren x

p.s. I hope you like the new blog logo! I have felt like a change for a while but waited for the right idea. I loved the toffee apple as it is a mix of healthy and sweet. We eat healthy here, but as someone who enjoys baking, treats are a fun thing to enjoy.

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