Friday, June 10, 2011

{Winter Warmers Wish List - Bargain Time!}

It is no secret to many of you how much I love supporting local crafters, artisans and buisness people. Many of which I have found at local markets and online on madeit.
So, since the weather is cooling down in Sydney, I thought I would go online and form my winter wish list from some local buisnesses. Shopping inside in the warmth - what more could you want in winter huh?!!?
Here are my top finds that I might just find being delivered here soon and all for $40 and under - BARGAIN!!! (attention hubby ;)

1. Hot Water Bottle Cover $15 from "notbyamber"
2. Bohemian Crochet Alpaca Wool Hat
$35 by "Mel P Designs"
3. Alice in Wonderland Teapot
$28 by "Zinnia Pea"
4. "Winter warmer" hand blended green tea $15 by "Precious Things"
5. Paradisi milk bath $12 by Rhasdala
6. Glittens - convertible gloves and mittens
$40 by "Shazzas Knits"
7. Ruffle Scarf - berry mad
$25 by "Cactus and Rose"
8. Tea for two playwood coasters
$35 by "snowfawn"

I hope you enjoy some of these bargains....pop over to the stores and browse around from the comfort of the couch in the warm ;)

Lauren x

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