Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Veeeery Pinteresting}

So sorry for my quietness online here. It's been a big few weeks in our world and a lot going on so some bfrief time away from blogging was just what I needed for a few weeks.
I have a few new things to share soon, but I want to share something very cool with you tonight.

I have found two new outlets for creative sharing. One of them is the Instagram Ap on my phone that I have been using on my iPhone for a while now.
But the best new thing (that I am slightly addicted to) is
Pinterest. It has rocked my world and sent me on inspiration overload!!! Think of it as a 'virtual cork board' that you pin photos on. You can see what other people pin on their boards and everyone labels their boards into categories. You will find eye candy for everything you can imagine. Here are a few of the things i have "re-pinned":

A cool way to reuse crates

A family tree photo wall

Family Creed

Menu display

Scales + chopping board = OH MY!!!
Plenty of fashion eye candy

Ideas for kids crafts, activities and teaching ideas

Plenty of organisational ideas for OCD people like me who love order ;)

'apple' cupcakes

...and plenty of dessert tables and entertaining ideas.

I appologise for introducing you to this because there are many hours you can waste dreaming and laughing on here!



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