Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Some new changes happening for 2011 here on the blog. We have a new look to the blog and it also has a new address (www.homemadebylauren.com) but the old one diverts here in case you forget ;) But the biggest addition to the blog so far is the following.

There are many things I am passionate about and two of those things are people like myself that love adding a handmade/ homemade touch to the world and local buisnesses. So this year Homemade By Lauren is launching a new feature.

"Lime Light" will feature a local Artisan each month and here's how. On the 15th of each month you will get to know a new local creative star that will feature on the blog with an interview about them and what they do. The link to their webpage/ facebook page/ etsy etc will stay on the top of the blog for us to check out and get to know until the next artisan is featured the following month!

They will also be offering an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY, yes you did read the word GIVEAWAY, to blog readers that will be announced on the 30th of each month (28th in feb lol).

How do you enter?
Each month you can enter by emailing me the nominated clue to homemadebylauren@gmail.com

How do you get in the "Lime Light"?
Are you a local handmade buisness that would love to be featured? Well, we have quite a few spots taken already, but email me (address as above)your information if you would like a spot or to nominate a spot for someone you know.

I can't wait to share these local treasures with you in a more offical way and so, spread the word and make sure you and your friends follow on here and/ or facebook and twitter so you don't miss out on a giveaway! Let's help support local handmade buisness together in 2011.

***3 sleeps to go until the first ever LIME LIGHT is announced! ***

Lauren x

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