Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is your food REALLY FOOD?!

I am going through a change in our house. As I have already mentioned I do a Daniel fast from Janurary 1-21 each year (primarily spiritual reasons but for MANY health benefits too). I have been having a lot of fun playing around with recipes and I have not purchased "numer food" (as my 4 year old says) all year. When I say number food, I mean in the ingredients list when you see things like 220 and 200 on the packet in the ingredients listing. I have made a deliberate decision to exclude ALL chemicals, preservatives, additives etc.... from our diet at this time.

I want to try to keep this throughout the year but once you start looking, you realise how much of our food is "numbered". And you quickly realise that the only way to eat "good food" you need to buy and eat raw food and also prepare a lot of things at home. So, I am on a bit of a silent crusade to find and refine some recipes that families can use that will be actually good for you without ingredients that you can't even pronounce - lol ;)

Then i came across this on twitter today and it amazed me how spot on it was for what has been in my mind at the moment. Thank you to @unhealthytruth ( who posted this link from "Take Part : Inspiration to Action"

I just love this image and hope you get a little chuckle from it like I did and a few Oprah type "Ah-ha" moments!

Lauren x


  1. There was an amazing documentary on SBS for the last three weeks about food numbers- it went through the "fake" preservatives, msg additives and sugar additives and argued that many of them come from natural sources such as seaweed. The doco argued that in many cases our diets are far healthier because of many of these additives. Did you know that a bag of regular lettuce contains carbon dioxide to keep it fresh? I learned heaps about food and many assumptions I made about "numbers" have been challenged. Of course, the doco did say that a diet full of fake food is never a good thing- but sometimes nature needs a little help from the world of science to meet the demands we place on the foods we eat.
    Definately made for some great discussion at our house!


  3. Very interesting and contraversial. I haven't seen the show, but have read that link you sent me. I am not 100% convinced, but I get the point they are trying to make.
    I guess I am more talking about ridding processed foods rather than numbers per say, but when I say numbered/ processed I mean plastic cheese, hot dogs etc... There are so many additives to things prepared by supermarkets and just by making it yourself they can be so much better for you (lasagne, quiches, pies etc..)

    I do know that "healthy foods" sometimes 'need' things to keep them fresh (i.e. veggies, dried fruits, museli's) but i think that's what excites me about getting onto property one day (soon hopefully) and growing my own seasonal produce.
    Thanks for the link - definitley 'food for thought' punn intended ;)

  4. I'm on board with you all the way - I am very passionate about this subject as well and I too try to choose minimally processed foods where I can (though not always, sometimes it is in the too hard basket for me). I can't wait for any future posts on this topic. Well done! :)



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