Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{12 Days of Christmas ::: Day 3} Gift Wrapping

Well, at christmas time there are so many gifts going from hosue to hosue and person to person, I thought it would be cool to dedicate a post to the wrapping process. Personally I love spending some extra time thinking of cool ways to wrap presents and the idea of re-using stuff from around the house and recyling it is even more of a fun chalenge.

Think 'outside the box' (pun not intended lol) and try incorporating some of these ideas into your wrapping this year to make it different and fun. Fabric scraps, herbs, pinecones, flowers, lace and ribbon off cuts, buttons, old costume jewellery, newspaper, brown paper, twine, leaves, old or odd christmas baubles, inks, paints, stamps, paper scraps etc.....

I also found some tips on wrapping gifts. Sometimes it can seem a little daunting to some people, so I wanted to post a few tips that might help take the stress out of it. Personally though, I love wrapping and would have a whole room dedicated to it if I could (thats in my DREAM house lol). Get creative and I would love to hear your ideas too. In the mean time, here is some eye candy for inspiration :)

Lauren x

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