Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{12 Days of Christmas ::: Day 10} Fighting OVERindulgence with kids at Christmas

(from babble - who got idea from dandee)

I found this article retweeted on twitter yesterday. The breif description caught my eyes and then the photo was worth a 1000 words!!!! These days our children have access to so much and are (even if we try not to) spoiled rotten (especially on a global scale). But it is slightly cruel to cut down on all gifts to "teach them a lesson" but I love how this "MOM" did it.

Click on the 'dandee' link above to read more. LOVE this idea and so doing this next year! In our house though, I would likely add a 5th tag "others" and give them something like school books for a kid in India or a goat or something similar. I think that this puts the focus on giving not just receiving.

Lauren X

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