Monday, February 2, 2015

{Trolley Bags}

If you know me personally you will probably know that I'm a 'bit' of an Aldi shopper. In fact, I think that people who are Aldi fans love telling people about it. Imagine if a vegan doing Cross-fit also shopped at Aldi lol ;)

I joke about my Aldi obsession but I love how it has saved my family so much money and their range has improved a lot over the years. 

One of the main complication people have with Aldi, I find, is remembering to pack all the bags. 
However, I just received a gift that has made loading the trolley a WHOLE lot easier! 

Trolley Bags are a great invention that take the 'enviro-bag' concept to a new level. 

Such a simple concept right? It's so well thought out. 
Here are some photos of the bags in action: 

For me (and my love of order and organisation) the wonderful bonus is that the 4 bags have neatly corresponded with the way I have written my shopping list for years. In four columns:
Groceries / Fruit & Veg / Cold & Frozen / Cleaning & Personal 

They are only $34.95 for a set and it is a great way to organise your shopping. The link is available {here}. 

You should seriously have these bags in your car boot, Aldi shopper or not. You'll love the way it makes it easier to load. 

Lauren x 

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