Wednesday, February 4, 2015

{School Notes Galore}

We are one week in to school for both my boys. As school mums know, once school starts - it means two things. 

Notes and contact. 

The notes have been pouring in. POURING IN!

Permission slip for swimming carnival. Notes which layout the allocated days for library/ news/ sport/ gross motor. 
Welcome notes from teachers. 
iPad info for Mr 8. 
Volunteer opportunities.
Planned pick up arrangements for Mr Kindy.
Oh the many to read. 

However, my 5 year old had one that asked me to overview a basic family tree, interests and likes etc... to help the teacher get to know the students.

I chose to focus on the positives here and talk about his love of reading, playing card games and imaginative play. 
It may have been less acceptable to admit he likes to negotiate a lot, sometimes run away if he isn't happy and we are working on the occasional nose picking. I'm sure most of these will be discovered without my help ;) 

The question on this seemingly rather innocent survey was when they asked about the parents job titles and likes/ hobbies etc...

I refrained from writing domestic goddess and put stay at home mum. Which was fine.
But then when I read the question about likes/ hobbies I suddenly paused. It began an 'slight' internal existential crisis which I was not prepared for amidst feeding pasta to the baby and reciting spring words to my 8 year old. I put it aside and thought I'd tackle that later. 

After clock off time (bed time) I sat with my dinner and thus blasted survey with one question unanswered that was starring at me and judging me. 

Hobbies. Hobbies??!?

I don't have time for hobbies. Sure there are things I enjoy but they barely constitute hobbies.
Why did this seem to bother me? Was it because it made me confront the fact I feel like I don't have a life sometimes. Or maybe because I'm knee deep in the busiest season of motherhood and if I get to the end of the day with the kids fed, a clean kitchen, a candle lit, dinner with hubby and most of my sanity in tact I feel like I've scored! 

I would love to write something glamorous or romantic in this blank space. Like hiking, aerial yoga, painting landscapes whilst in my country house, pruning my bonsai collection or polishing my collection of pre-modernist french antique teaspoons. Pfffft!    

I started writing something down - 'cooking'. Yes, that will slide.
I was going to follow it up with sewing. Although I like to play on my machine, I didn't want to be asked to sew costumes or puppets for the end of year concert. The vaguely related 'crafting' would have to do. 

Ok, that's it I thought. If I spend any longer on this form, I'll rip it up in a fit of note rage. 

Please enlighten me as to what hobbies you have. Maybe you might inspire me. Even if your hobby is reading junk mail. No judgement I promise ;) 

Lauren x

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