Monday, November 18, 2013

{It's a GIRL!!!}

I have clearly been falling a bit behind in blog land, but I think I have my mojo back. Last week we had our 19 week scan for bub which meant we were able to see (hopefully) what gender little bub is. We were both very keen to know, we also found out with our two boys what they were. From our perspective it helps us to prepare and bond much more, but I totally understand those that hang on suspense for the big reveal at birth too. 

We decided our family wasn't quite complete and didn't go into this wanting or trying for a particular gender, so any news was going to be great news. 
Once all the important measurements were made in regards to the organs and the like she announced to us we were having a GIRL!
Of course we were VERY excited, it is going to add such a new and different element to our family. Our boys can't wait to meet her already.

In order to tell the big brothers, I baked some pink cupcakes and iced them with white icing. We gave the cakes to them for dessert and told them there was a clue inside about their new baby brother or sister. When they started eating, they figured it out pretty quickly.   

Most of our family we notified first. Then I decided to reveal the news to a bunch of my girlfriends at our connect group that night with a larger version of the gender reveal cake. This one just used a bundt tin I already had and then I filled the hole with pink pearl sprinkles and covered the lot with white icing. 
My girlfriends were shocked and excited and it was such a fun way to reveal it to them. Plus, we all got some yummy cake to celebrate.

So, here is a photo of the little princess and I can't wait to see what she looks like in real life. Baby cuddles coming soon.....YAY!!!!!

Lauren x

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