Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{Lunch Box Jokes}

My 6 year old is about to finish his first term of year one.
Recently his teacher has unfortunately had a few weeks off to have an operation. Whilst my son is normally well adjusted, this change has been a somewhat difficult one for us to adjust to.

So, to help him get through the day I have started occasionally (about every second day) popping a handwritten joke in his lunchbox with his sandwich. For him, having this surprise pop up half way through the day "reminds me of you mum...and it's really funny too".

It doesn't take much time, costs nothing and is a great way to touch base with your kids during the day, even when your not there. Simply google some kids knock knock jokes and you'll find a whole bunch that you can choose from. Above are some examples of how I themed the jokes for Easter last week. Even if your kids aren't having any 'settling issues' per say, What kid wouldn't love to open their lunch box to a funny lunchbox joke?! 

Submit your best kids joke ideas here in the comments section or on the homemade facebook page. 
Lauren x

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