Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{Follow Up Post : I Love You Because...}

A few months ago, I posted about the addition of the "i love you because..." frame in our master bathroom. {original post here}
I placed it on the wall between our mirrors and leave the whiteboard marker on top. Every few days we change the message and leave something new for each other. 


At first it was a cute idea on pinterest that I wanted to try, mainly because we are a bit soppy like that. 
However, there was an upside I didn't anticipated, apart from the cute messages from hubby of course. 

My 6 year old has commented on the little notes every so often. He even asked me once what it means for someone to make your would go round. We shared a beautiful moment discussing love and how much Mummy and Daddy love each other. 

In my humble (almost) 10 years experience, one of the best ways to keep a healthy marriage is to never stop dating each other. We used to write poetry and letters to each other then, but why let that stop once the heart flutters of dating ends?
The best gift you can ever give your kids is to love your husband or wife and for your kids to see this. It's healthy for them to see. Our six year old sometimes cringes when Daddy kisses Mummy, but i guarantee he would crave it if it were gone and replaced with distance and disconnect. 

Lauren x

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