Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{Childhood Treats That Turn Into Adult Aversions}

Final day of Kindy is tomorrow! I can hardly believe where that's gone.
Today the kids had a party for lunch and each family was sent home with a note with what to bring (saving 20 plates of cupcakes being brought).
I don't normally freak out at such a task. Until I read the note and it said 'cocktail frankfurts'. YUCK!
I have never bought these for my kids and I have never prepared it before either.
To me it is 'poached mystery meat wrapped in red plastic'. Again, YUCK! I could think of literally hundreds of things if prefer my kids to eat before I came to this!
I visited the deli, googled how to bring them and joined Kindy in their class party. Despite the disgusting "sausages" they had a blast.

But, this got me thinking. What else did I eat as a kid that I wouldn't touch now. My top 3 in no particular order:
- Cocktail frankfurts
- Devon
- Junket (anyone else remember this milky jelly stuff).
I guess this also happens in reverse too. For example, I never liked olives or zucchini as a kid, but I quite like them now.
Q: What did you eat as a kid that you won't touch now? Vise-versa?

Lauren x


  1. Its funny how our palates change! As a child I hated red capsicum, avocados and mushrooms but I love all three of them with a passion now!

  2. Haha, love this post! I used to dislike brussell sprouts, zucchini and tuna when I was young but I'm "friends" with all of these things now! As you know, I never got over my disgust for meat! :)



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