Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Breast Cancer Awareness Night : Pt 2}

At the planning meeting, we tried to think of a gift to bless every woman that came. Something, cute, pink and girly. Someone showed a picture of some 'bra cookies' they had seen on the Internet. I had seen a few variations of these before and thought I'd give it a go making them. They were totally adorable and fitted the 'brief' (hahaha boom tish). These would actually be totally cute for a bridal shower also!

I have never done anything like this before (especially in such quantities) so here is how I made them:
*Find a cookie recipe and make dough as per instructions. I chose a gingerbread cookie recipe {loved this one}.
*Roll out dough, cut out heart shapes with your cutter. Before you slide it on to the baking tray, cut off the tip of the heart. It will help with the end design.
*Bake and cool.

*Prepare your royal icing. I used pink and white. Your piping bags should have the normal royal icing consistency. This is used to pipe the boarder of your design (and decorations) so it needs to hold its 'rope shape' as it comes out of the nozzle. Think toothpaste consistency.
*Let it dry 'briefly' (can't help myself...this post has the breast puns).

*Once you've taken half of the pink royal icing out of mixer, water down the rest (add a little at a time). This creates your 'flood icing' and is runnier so it will fill the boarder. Think shampoo consistency here.

*Fill it will the 'flood icing'. I used tomato sauce style bottles to pipe this icing. To make sure it touches the boarders, use a toothpick/ skewer. Pop any bubbles that may sit on surface. *Let it dry. This will make your decorations in the contrast colour sit better.
*Using the piping bag of contrasting colour icing (the thicker consistency) have fun making it look real with details.

So, 11 batches of gingerbread, 8 batches of royal icing and 4 solid days later, I finally had about 160 sets of these:

Aren't they just darling!!! It was so much fun making different decorations, styles and sizes.

Lauren x

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  1. You are an incredible woman! Looks out of this world amazing! x



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